Asbestos Litigation

Hundreds of cases involving personal injuries from past exposure to asbestos continue to be filed each year in California, but the landscape has changed and most newly identified defendants are peripheral to the traditional claims raised by plaintiffs. Still, exposure to even those peripheral defendants remains a concern in California because of existing appellate law and because of the manner in which damages are calculated.

Partners Jim Sinunu and Chris Bruni have been regularly involved in the asbestos litigation for more than 20 years, having represented defendants ranging from insulation manufacturers and asbestos fiber suppliers, to more peripheral defendants such as pump, valve and gasket manufacturers, electrical and sheet metal contracting companies and hardware stores. They have begun trials in asbestos cases in more than one hundred cases and have tried more than 20 asbestos personal injury cases to verdict.

Even though the litigation is mature with many set rules and standards, they constantly search for innovative ways to approach the cases, finding new experts, fresh legal theories and providing an approach to resolution relying on experience and a thorough knowledge of each case.